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Rurouni Kenshin

2007-10-06 23:31:04 by LiveBreatheTom

Remember when this show used to be on Tv? Yeah, that was one of the few shows I actually watched regularly. Way better than most anime shows, it has some funny episodes, and action packed episodes without having some early rising totally boring overall plot. Plus, it's somewhat historical, and isn't super impossible out there stuff.

Now I'm rambling, but whatever. I started watching episodes of it on youtube and felt like sharing.

Rurouni Kenshin


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2007-10-11 21:29:58

What show is that pic from and if you like a good joke view my userpage.


2007-11-03 22:50:45

For some reason, I always have a bad habit of missing the final episode including this one. >=(


2007-11-05 22:04:39


I remember that anime

it was wickid...... friggin' great show.. lol i used to watch it on CN (CARTOON NETWORK :P)


2007-11-11 21:45:08

He's a sexy beast and my most favorite anime of all time.


2007-12-09 22:56:05

I do remember that show....


2008-01-11 23:22:33

I used to watch the show quite a bit, never got to watch it regularly though, I liked it a lot.
I bought a few of the DvDs and wished I could've bought the box set, but I could never afford it.