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Zombie Attack

2008-01-14 00:07:49 by LiveBreatheTom

From a thread, my chance of zombie survival, credit of writing goes to davisev5225

You look out the window and see zombies ambling down the street. You rush down to the basement and start collecting supples. While you are down there, the zombies hear the noise and start shuffling towards your house. You rush back upstairs and deposit your first load of guns and ammo, before rushing back downstairs. In your hurry, you trip and fall down the stairs, tearing a gash in your leg.

You hobble over and grab your boards and nails, and start hobbling back up. At the top, you see the zombies have breached the front door, and are making their way towards you. You rush over to the stairs and start nailing boards across the opening. Realizing you don't have time to do that, you grab as many guns as you can carry and rush for the roof.

Once on the roof, the zombies follow the scent of your blood. It isn't hard for them to figure out to climb out the window, but you manage to take out 11 of them before your gun jams. The zombies swarm you, and the last thing you hear is your own screams of pain.

Chance of survival: 15%


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2008-01-20 19:11:31

whoa.... mind boggling


2008-02-23 00:40:17

First thing you got to steal a car and keep moving untill you find enough weapons, amo & med supplies, but only what you can carry that won't slow you down. Then hunker down at night, only moving during the daylight hours.

See you on the day of judgment.