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Posted by LiveBreatheTom - March 12th, 2008

Well after scouring image galleries off of just the memory of a red spaceship I finally found another old show I used to watch. I really like Outlaw Star for some reason, I just get a kick out of it. There's plenty of humor, some good fight scene, and an alright plot.

Only downside is that it's only a 25 episode series, I think? Anyone else remember seeing this show?

Outlaw Star

Posted by LiveBreatheTom - January 14th, 2008

From a thread, my chance of zombie survival, credit of writing goes to davisev5225

You look out the window and see zombies ambling down the street. You rush down to the basement and start collecting supples. While you are down there, the zombies hear the noise and start shuffling towards your house. You rush back upstairs and deposit your first load of guns and ammo, before rushing back downstairs. In your hurry, you trip and fall down the stairs, tearing a gash in your leg.

You hobble over and grab your boards and nails, and start hobbling back up. At the top, you see the zombies have breached the front door, and are making their way towards you. You rush over to the stairs and start nailing boards across the opening. Realizing you don't have time to do that, you grab as many guns as you can carry and rush for the roof.

Once on the roof, the zombies follow the scent of your blood. It isn't hard for them to figure out to climb out the window, but you manage to take out 11 of them before your gun jams. The zombies swarm you, and the last thing you hear is your own screams of pain.

Chance of survival: 15%

Posted by LiveBreatheTom - October 6th, 2007

Remember when this show used to be on Tv? Yeah, that was one of the few shows I actually watched regularly. Way better than most anime shows, it has some funny episodes, and action packed episodes without having some early rising totally boring overall plot. Plus, it's somewhat historical, and isn't super impossible out there stuff.

Now I'm rambling, but whatever. I started watching episodes of it on youtube and felt like sharing.

Rurouni Kenshin

Posted by LiveBreatheTom - September 21st, 2007

To honor Madness Day '07 I made this shirt in a couple minutes

Madness Day

Posted by LiveBreatheTom - September 2nd, 2007

So I made this earlier today for a thread about Newgrounds T-shirts, and I figured this was probably the best one. If I ever saw a pic of Stamper wearing a shirt like this, I'd be in tears from laughing. I did change the shirt from being plain white to a golden color, but that's the only change.


Posted by LiveBreatheTom - July 26th, 2007

Don't get me wrong, the update is great, but I still miss a couple of the old parts of newgrounds that were just kind of satisfying.

I miss the little "ping" sound you got once you had voted on a flash, it just seemed to make the process complete.
I also miss the little blow my whistle animation you got when you flagged a flash.

Hopefully they will someday bring these back, maybe even better than before, who knows.